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Our mission is to create an authentic reflection of our clients and their way of life. Harmony expressed through every unique and individual lifestyle is a result of our services.

Color and fabrics consulting will provide a balance between form, continuity, and function of your interior. Focusing on the materials, colors and environmental impact will be strictly related to your ideas, requires and budget possibilities.

Space planning is a core of every home decor and interior design. Most important of all is to design ideal space in most efficient form to satisfy client’s requirements and comfort.

Custom furniture design led by a team of experts who create individually designed interiors and furniture will bring energy, feelings and whole new vision of your dream space.

Home Decor Advice

As a very personal thing, home decor should be considered very seriously. Playing is always allowed in the concept of expressing your imagination, creativity, and needs combining it with a practical and functional side of the project. We pay attention to all aspects of your home from color to lighting. Always inject your style to keep the soul of your space but try to get out of the box and let some new things, no matter modern or older, surprise you.

Home Decor Advice

Featured Products

Custom made furniture presented in a wide range of products which present a great mixture of highlight elements, urban design details, and safe environment materials. Choices are various, from tables, benches, racks to chairs, barstools, drawers, and many other details to fulfill your dream area.

Colors and fabrics will offer you a whole new world of products in the form of unique patterns, textures and comprehensive palette of the outnumbering list of colors. Our color and fabric will influence everybody in emotional, physical and many another mind process.

Special detail products as an extra addition to space planning allow you to change your space in some ranges that will satisfy occasionally need to kill monotony. They are called movable walls, and they are provided in various materials depending on your style and practical need.

What Our Customers Say

  • John Smith

    “ Accidentally stumbling upon this service was one of the greatest experiences in my life. Making all the furniture, organizing the whole interior of my house plus landscaping my terrace and backyard was a just brilliant dream come true.”

    John Smith
  • Barbara Bourassa

    “With exceptionally creative, improving and unique work they managed to reflect our lifestyle perfectly. Great eye-catching for details and colors including energetic and enthusiastic approach is in service for any budget.”

    Barbara Bourassa
  • Kerry Carls

    “Finishing design with cozy and warm ambiance was a lot more than we expected. A great design provided to us made our home a personal sanctuary with inspiring, relaxed and revitalizing atmosphere.”

    Kerry Carls

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